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Birthdate:May 3

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alphonse mucha, aromatherapy, art deco, autumn, bare feet, being true to myself, big dorky scarves, biking at night, bioregionalism, blade runner, blueberries, books, buffy the vampire slayer, buying local, camping, cassis and champers, ceaseless wonderment of life, chakras, change makers, classical music, clever folk, collective consciousness, compassion, cosmic dancing, creation, dancing, decadence, delicious ambiguity, dinner parties, dungeons and dragons, energy work, evocation, fae, faeries, fairy tales, firefly, floating in the ocean, folklore, food, forests, full moons, gaming, gardening, getting my hands dirty, green things, han solo, harry potter, holistic health, independent booksellers, intuition, joseph campbell, joss whedon, kneesocks, led zeppelin, life by the lake, lust, magic, magic time, man myth and symbol, martha my dear, maybe i'm a pagan, mediaeval baebes, medicinal plants, mermaids, mischief managed, monty python boys, music, my big black boots, my snuggly bed, mystery orders, mythology, nag champa, namaste, natural medicine, natural products, nature, neil gaiman, nerdy sci-fi flicks, new moon, occasional whiskey kisses, ocean, old bowie, organic, passion, patti smith, period films, permaculture, rain, reading in bed, reflexology, respecting the earth, revolution, revolutionize your mind, ritual, riverdale farm, romancing feistiness, runes, running amok, sacred geometry, sailing, sassy knickers, saucy dialogue, science fiction, seeing you smile, senseless acts of beauty, shags snogs and snuggles, show me your magic, skinny-dipping, smack the pony, spontaneity, star-gazing, stephen malkmus, stillness, stretching, swimming, tea, terry gilliam, the bbc, the beatles, the clash, the evening after rain, the faery's tub, the green man, the moon, the ocean, the philadelphia story, the pixies, the princess bride, the stuff of legends, thrift shops, thunderstorms, treasures on the beach, trees, twinkle in your eye, violet essence, visionaries, walden pond, walt whitman, water, willow, wit, wonder, yoga
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